Community-Engaged Environmental Practicum

In this course, students will work in small groups with one of a variety of partners and organizations to complete a semester-long, community-engaged project. Project themes vary by term and typically focus on local and regional environmental issues that have broader application. Projects rely on students’ creativity, interdisciplinary perspectives, skills, and knowledge developed through their previous work. The project is guided by a faculty member and carried out with a high degree of independence by students. Students will prepare for and direct their project through readings and discussion, independent research, collaboration with project partners, and consultation with external experts. The course may also include workshops focused on developing key skills (e.g. interviewing, public speaking, video editing). The project culminates in a public presentation of students’ final products.

In Fall 2018, I will be taking the helm of this capstone course for Environmental Studies at Middlebury and will be structuring it loosely around themes explored through my ongoing research into “Theories of Change.”

Fall 2018, Middlebury College (ENVS 401)

The permanent homepage for ENVS 401 can be found here. The photo above is of Vermont in April, apparently.