A Clear and Present Pedagogy

This new line of research explores the vital roles that critically-aligned environmental educators can offer at this pivotal historical moment. Amid ongoing debates surrounding the nomenclatures (and mis-nomenclatures) of the “Anthropocene,” this project poses specific questions about stakes (i.e. envisioning the domains of influence where the particular roles, knowledges, and capacities of critically-oriented environmental scholars can be leveraged to greatest effect) and craft (i.e. what such a pedagogy does and can and arguably should look like). While pursuing basic theoretical questions, this project maintains a strong focus on engaged praxis—on how to constitute a pedagogy proportionate to the socio-ecological scale, wrenching affect, and dire urgencies of the planetary transformations now in motion—with, for, and around a generation of students whom we are now regularly told is the most important in the history of history and whom we are now tasked with educating.

The graphs above depict salient earth system trends identified with what Steffen et al. (2015) refer to as “The Great Acceleration.”