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img_2594-e1527185547778.jpgI am an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at Middlebury College. I completed my PhD at UC Berkeley in Environmental Science, Policy & Management (ESPM) in late 2017. My research is interdisciplinary, leveraging training in human geography, cultural anthropology, and environmental science, with prior experience working in international conservation and development. In my work, I bring together scholarship from political ecology, science studies, and institutional theory to explore questions of power, knowledge, and social change, and how they intersect in contemporary environmental politics. I apply an ethnographic approach to the study of environmental policy, focusing on the everyday practices and lived experiences of the practitioners who dynamically constitute environmental governance.

My dissertation explored the spread, uptake, and influence of “ecosystem services” concepts in biodiversity conservation. This work began in British Columbia but expanded to encompass multiple sites across broader transnational policy networks, bringing me from Japan and Brazil to TurkeyGermany, and Burma — a range of other locales in between — and finally back to Canada and California. My research has been supported by a number of awards including grants from SSHRC, the National Science Foundation, and UC Berkeley, among others. I have written for the Annals of the Association of American Geographers, Human Geography, Conservation and Society, Global Environmental Change, Journal of Peasant Studies, and Research in Economic Anthropology.

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I am from Vancouver and attended UBC as an undergraduate, where I studied Anthropology and Environmental Science before completing an MA in Geography at the University of Toronto. Before beginning grad school, I spent a year living in the central Philippines, where I led marine research and monitoring initiatives for an organization supporting community-based marine protected areas. I recently moved to Vermont from Oakland (California) which was my home for six years. When I wasn’t hunched over my computer, you could often find me up in the Berkeley hills trying to make the most of California before they made me graduate. I look forward to more running, cycling, hiking, camping, and many other -ings related to being outdoors while I wait for Vermont to thaw.